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Condo Maintenance in Toronto: Who is Responsible for What?

Living in a condominium offers many perks, from convenient amenities to a sense of community. However, along with the benefits come responsibilities, particularly when it comes to maintenance. Understanding who is responsible for what can help ensure a smooth and harmonious living experience for all residents. In this post, we'll delve into the key aspects of condo maintenance in Toronto and clarify the roles and responsibilities of condo owners, the condominium corporation, and property management.

1. Common Area Maintenance:

Condo Corporation Responsibility: The condominium corporation is typically responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of common areas such as hallways, lobbies, elevators, gyms, swimming pools, and landscaping.

Funding: These maintenance expenses are covered by the condo fees paid by all unit owners, which are collected by the condominium corporation.

2. Exterior Maintenance:

Condo Corporation Responsibility: Exterior maintenance, including repairs to the building's facade, roof, windows, and parking areas, is generally the responsibility of the condominium corporation.

Funding: Costs for exterior maintenance are also covered by the condo fees and managed by the condominium corporation.

3. Individual Unit Maintenance:

Unit Owner Responsibility: Condo owners are typically responsible for the maintenance and repair of everything within their individual units, including appliances, fixtures, and interior finishes.

Funding: Unit owners must cover the costs of maintaining their own units, including repairs and upgrades.

4. Shared Systems and Utilities:

Shared Responsibility: Certain systems and utilities, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems, may serve both individual units and common areas. Responsibility for maintenance and repairs of these shared systems may vary depending on the condo's governing documents.

Funding: Costs associated with shared systems and utilities may be divided between individual unit owners and the condominium corporation, depending on the specifics outlined in the condo's bylaws.

5. Property Management:

Property Manager's Role: In many condo buildings, a property management company is hired to oversee day-to-day operations, including maintenance issues, repairs, and vendor management.

Communication: Property managers act as a liaison between condo owners and the condominium corporation, ensuring that maintenance tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively.

condo buildings
condo buildings

In Closing

Understanding the division of maintenance responsibilities in a condominium is essential for all residents. By knowing who is responsible for what, condo owners can ensure that their units and common areas are well-maintained, promoting a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable living environment for everyone that lives there.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns regarding maintenance responsibilities in your condo building, don't hesitate to consult your condominium corporation or property management company. Clear communication and cooperation among all parties involved are key to maintaining a thriving condo community in Toronto.


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